About Sona Villa!

Sona villa is built on the basis of a Swiss chalet with cladding of pinewood and the walls are made of french windows with glass panes from top to bottom and covering all 3 sides. This allows a panaromic view of the surrounding lake from the inside. The interior is of pine wood. It is perched on a hill overlooking the huge Muldhe lake, in a quaint little village of Ambalpad.

Sona Villa Accommodation


Sona Villa essentially consists of a picturesque rustic bunglow with tiled roof and walls of glass windows from where you get a beautiful view of the surrounding lake stretching all around. The walls are clad with pine wood and the antique interior gives you a feel of a swiss chalet. .The stained glass windows on the porche and the varanda gives the whole place a look of an ancient dwelling.

There is an adjoining deck overlooking the lake where you can laze around watching the birds on the lake for hours. From here you can do a tight rope walk to go a tree house and enjoy a view of the lake from the tree top.



The Duplex Villas offer you an unmatched combination of privacy and luxury with 2 bedrooms and 1 living-cum-dining room, the villas have their own steam, sauna and jacuzzi. And of course the private lawn and terrace overlooking the beach are simply perfect for family get-togethers.